All submissions will be reviewed by anonymous referees. The author(s) will be notified whether or not the paper is accepted to be presented at the conference, and whether or not the paper is selected to be included in the EI-indexed CVRS2012 proceedings. We will only include high-quality papers. 

It is our pleasure to announce that Proceedings of CVRS2012 will be published through IEEE eXpress Conference Publishing after the conference and indexed through IEEE Xplore.

Accepted papers should be converted to meet IEEE PDF specifications. CVRS2012 will be soon entitled to use the IEEE's PDF eXpress® online tool. PDF eXpress® is an online source file conversion / PDF validation system that allows authors to either convert their papers to PDF or validate that their self-generated PDF meets IEEE PDF specifications for publishing and archiving into the IEEE Xplore digital library.


Accepted Papers

  1. Cui Huang and Shaohua Yan
    A Study on Model and Algorithm of Direct Flights between Spoke Airport
  2. Xiran Zhou, Zhenfeng Shao and Jun Liu
    Geographic ontology driven hierarchical semantic of remote sensing image
  3. Dingfeng Yu, Qianguo Xing and Ping Shi
    Estimating Secchi Depth By Simulated HSI of HJ-1A from In Situ Hyperspectral Data: a Case Study in Sishili Bay, China
  4. Lin Wang and Yuanshu Jing
    Assessing the Impact of Sharp Shift from Drought to Flood on Vegetation Using Remote Sensing
  5. Ting Li and Lin Wang
    Spatio-temporal Variation Trends of Vegetation Net Primary Productivity Based on AVHRR
  6. Yaqiu Jin
    Computer Vision to Polarimetric SAR Imaging
  7. Shuang Liu, Chunheng Wang, Baihua Xiao, Zhong Zhang and Yunxue Shao
    Ground-based cloud classification using multiple random projections
  8. Bodong Liang
    Novel View Synthesis for Traffic Accident Scene from Sparse Uncalibrated Sample Views
  9. Wei Xiaofeng and Geng Zexun
    Multi-frame Synthetic Aperture Image Restoration Based on Movable Array
  10. Chunyan Lu
    An association algorithm of ship-group targets based on topological and attributive characteristics
  11. Le Sun, Zebin Wu, Xingxiu Li and Zhihui Wei
    Supervised Hyperspectral Image Classification Combining Sparse Unmixing and Spatial Constraint
  12. Jixing Yan, Wanshou Jiang and Jie Shan
  13. Mingming Jia
    Mapping biomes of Australia based on the Holdridge Life Zone Model
  14. Hao Sun
    Real-Time Infrared Pedestrian Detection via Sparse Representation
  15. Hao Sun
    Multimodal Remote Sensing Image Registration using Multiscale Self-Similarities
  16. Ling Wu, Xiangnan Liu and Meiling Liu
    Analysis of the Fractal Characteristic of the Hyperspectral Curves of the Rice under Plumbum Pollution Stress
  17. Zhangyu Dong
    A Wetland Restoration Spatial Analysis in the Lower Reaches of Songhua River (LRSR), Northeast China
  18. Botian Zhou, Xiangnan Liu and Meiling Liu
    The research on the retrieval algorithm of the sea surface salinity based on the improved K-S model in Hong Kong Waters
  19. Lai Binghua
    Vegetation Detection of Close-range Images for Landslide Monitoring
    Automated Optic Disc Detection in Retinal Images by applying region-based active contour model in a variational level set formulation
    Restoration of retinal images using anisotropic diffusion like algorithms
  22. Hongyao Cui, Honglei Yang and Junhuan Peng
    Fusion of SPOT Image and SAR Image Based on FastICA
  23. Wang Peiyuan
    CQ Algorithm with Applications in Signal and Image Reconstruction
  24. Kai Ide and Thomas Sikora
    Real-Time Active Multiview 3D Reconstruction
  25. Boren Luo
    A Method for Moving Target Detection using 3D Profile Information based on Bionic Compound Eye
  26. Gang Hu and Yong Zhao
    Local stereo matching with Canny segmentation and reliable seeds propagation
  27. Wenting Chen, Kefeng Ji, Xiangwei Xing, Hao Sun and Huanxin Zou
    Ship Recognition in High Resolution SAR Imagery Based on Feature Selection
  28. Xunan Liu, Bo Cheng
    Polarimetric SAR Speckle Filtering for High-resolution SAR Images using RADARSAT-2 POLSAR SLC data
  29. David Kelbe, Roger Easton and Damianos Kasotakis
    Independent Components Analysis for Uncovering Erased Texts from Palimpsests
  30. Timothee Produit, Devis Tuia, François Golay and Christoph Strecha
    Pose estimation of landscape images using DEM and orthophotos
    Stereo Matching Using Normalized Cross-Correlation In LogRGB Space
  32. Fei Zhao, Zhiyong Zhang and Huanzhang Lu
    Real-time Dim Point Target Detection Based on Novel Complex Background Suppression
  33. Yang Afeng
    LSR Based Astronomical Image Denoising via Adaptive Dictionary Learning
  34. Chenguang Dai
    Dense Computing Task Analysis of Multi-view Matching Method and GPU Implementation
  35. Zhong Fan
    Motion-based Easy Initialization of Online Foreground Segmentation
  36. Juan Xu and Zhen Li
    Land Cover Classification of Polarimetric SAR Images for the Yellow River Delta Based on Support Vector Machine
  37. Mohannad Al-Durgham and Ayman Habib
    A Procedure For The Registration And Segmentation Of Heterogeneous Lidar Data
  38. Bhogendra Mishra and Junichi Susaki
    Generation of pseudo-fully polarimetric data from dual polarimetric data for land cover classification
  39. Zhuo Sun, Cheng Wang, Peng Li, Hanyun Wang and Jonathan Li
    Hyperspectral Image Classificaiton with SVM-based Domain Adaption Classifiers
  40. Peng Li, Cheng Wang, Zhuo Sun, Hanyun Wang and Jonathan Li
    Cascade framework for object extraction in image sequences
  41. Wang Luping and Zhang Luping
    High-Dynamic-Range infrared image enhancement and hardware design
  42. Ting Qiao
    The Extraction of Coverage Information in East Dongting Wetland by Object-oriented Classification
  43. Liu Liu, Shi Zhenwei, Haohan Zhang and Shuo Yang
    Robust high-order matched filter for hyperspectral target detection with quasi-Newton method
  44. Dongge Gu and Yong Zhao
    Human Segmentation Based on Disparity Map and GrabCut
  45. Xianxiang Qin, Shilin Zhou, Huanxin Zou and Gui Gao
    Statistical Modeling of Sea Clutter in High-Resolution SAR Images Using Generalized Gamma Distribution
  46. Ce Li
    Salient Traffic Sign Recognition Based on Sparse Representation of Visual Perception
  47. Zuyang Kou, Shi Zhenwei and Liu Liu
    Airport Detection Based on Line Segment Detector
  48. J Montgomery and John McDonald
    Terrain Visualization and Data Discovery using Lunar High-Resolution Laser Altimeter Data Sets
  49. Jiao Long, Shi Zhenwei and Wei Tang
    Fast haze removal for a single remote sensing image using dark channel prior
  50. Liu Huan, Zhou jianxiong and Fu Qiang
    Modelling and Simulation of a Bistatic Forward-looking SAR Configuration
    A Coarse-to-fine approach for vehicles detection from aerial images
  52. Yunhui Yi
    Closed Water Body Extraction from low-solution and low SNR meteorological satellite imagery based on MSER
  53. Hanyun Wang, Huan Luo, Cheng Wang, Peng Li, Wentao Yang and Jonathan Li
    Road extraction based on trajectory information from mobile laser scanning data
  54. Jing Liu, PeiJun Li and Jiancong Guo
    Very High Resolution Image Segmentation by Combined Spectral and Structural information
  55. Rui Huang and Wenyong He
    Using tri-training to exploit spectral and spatial information for hyperspectral data classification
  56. Yongtao Yu, Jonathan Li, Haiyan Guan, Cheng Wang and Ming Cheng
    A Marked Point Process for Automated Tree Detection from LiDAR Point Cloud Data
  57. Alexandros Makris and Nicolas Papadakis
    Data assimilation with state alignment using high-level image structures detection
  58. Min Lu
    A Multi-View Point Cloud Scenes Mosaic Algorithm Based On Projective Distribution Entropy
  59. Ke Xin
    Visual attention based model for target detection in high resolution remote sensing image
  60. Jiang Jiang, Nong Sang and Liangwei Jiang
    Non-local Sparse Models for SAR Image Despeckling
  61. Xinming Wang and Xin Chen
    Classification of ASTER Image Using SVM and Local Spatial Statistics Gi
  62. Zhinong Zhong, Ning Jing, Qiuyun Wu and Yang Gao
    Integration of GIS/RS/GPS for Urban Fire Response
  63. Xuehong Chen
    Soft Image Segmentation Model
  64. Shaoyuan Sun and Linna Li
    Depth Estimation from Monocular Infrared Images Based on BP Neural Network Model
  65. Hong Zhang
    PolSAR Change Detection for Specific Land Cover Type by Testing Equality of Two PolInSAR Coherency Matrixes
  66. Hong Zhang
    A Study on Commercial Vessels Classification with COSMO-SkyMed Images Based on Feature Analysis
  67. Hong Zhang
    An Improved Four-Component Decomposition with Distributed Double-Bounce Scattering Model
  68. Chao Wang
    Ship Detection Based On Eigenvalue-eigenvector Decomposition and OS-CFAR Detector
  69. Chao Wang
    A non-supervised method for shoreline extraction using high resolution SAR image
  70. Baoqian Wang and Zhizhong Kang
    The Research on Self-closure Global Registration for Subway Tunnel Point Clouds
  71. Eunju Kwak and Ayman Habib
    Implication of the number of utilized images on the quality of generated building models using model-based image fitting
  72. Lei Lin and Sui Yinling
    Multi-temporal SAR Images Change Detection Based on Nonsubsampled Contourlet Transform
  73. Abeer Mazher and PeiJun Li
    Mapping Burned Areas from Landsat TM Imags: a comparative study
  74. Pan Jingfeng, Cao Tieyong, Zhang Xiongwei and Huang Hui
    A Quantum-Inspired Noise Reduction Method based on Noise Feature Codebook